Drawing Benches

Drawing benches, also called donkeys or art horses, are designed to hold your art board/drawing pad at an angle, while you sit astride the bench. By having your board at an angle, it provides a more comfortable way to draw – you don’t need to be standing upright at an easel, nor hunched over a desk. It also facilitates viewing a setup, reference material, or a model.

Donkeys can be hard to find for purchase although they are common in art studios. After some trouble locating them, we decided to make them. These donkeys are the result of a lot of thinking, tweaking, and perfecting – and are available for purchase.

– rounded edges on the seat of the bench, to make sitting more comfortable
– longer than most donkeys, to allow for taller people and more movement on the bench
– very sturdy
– painted with two coats of a beautiful glossy stain
– delivery available on Vancouver Island

Price: $295 plus tax (includes drawing board, newsprint pad and clips), or $270 plus tax for bench only

To purchase, please contact Nicole. We accept Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer, Paypal, cheque, or cash.