New York Academy of Art workshop with Alyssa Monks

In March, I went to the New York Academy of Art to take a week-long workshop with Alyssa Monks. It was a challenging and inspiring experience where she guided us through working with the reference photo of our choosing and creating a painting that surpassed the photo itself. I felt as though I needed a jolt, or to be immersed in an unfamiliar environment, and her workshop was exactly that. She is a patient, respectful, highly competent teacher and I am so glad I signed up for the workshop!

I won’t write too much more about it because I hope what I learned will come out in my work. A new series of paintings is underway and I feel they will be quite different than what I have done before.

Here is what I painted in the workshop (added to the Drawings and Studies gallery). It is uncompleted but I decided to leave it that way. Oil on canvas, of course, and 36″x24″. New York Academy of Art Alyssa Monks workshop