All Eyes On You: solo exhibition September 4-29 2019 at Fortune Gallery

All Eyes On You

Solo exhibition at Fortune Gallery.

September 4-29 with opening reception Thursday September 12 7:00-9:00pm.

What is real, what is ideal? The works in All Eyes On You are, at their core, about giving agency to the female subject.

This body of work confronts and challenges societal constructs including this age old pearl: the passive and decorative object – a.k.a the female nude. In painting history these ‘objects’ are traditionally called models. In this exhibition, these models have transformed, shedding this label and many of its objective associations. Each individual is a confident individual, simultaneously strong and unapologetic. These women intentionally fix their gaze on you, the viewer. In turn, you no longer see just a body: you connect directly with a sentient being.

Voyeurism is supplanted by accountability and most importantly, connectivity. My work extends beyond oversimplified quests for power in representation. These paintings enable a stimulating mind and body link between the active model and the engaged art goer.