Introducing Nicole Sleeth Atelier

Welcome to the Atelier!

All artists have to start somewhere. Every great artist has learned from those who came before, honing their skills and getting to know their own style.

This is how I learned to paint and appreciate art more deeply, and it’s how I want to share what I know with you in my new online studio, Nicole Sleeth Atelier.

Nicole Sleeth Atelier brings the painting and drawing instruction I’ve taught at my studio in British Columbia for the last decade, online and accessible to you at home.

There are courses and lessons on drawing, oil painting, and studio skills such as:

And this is only the beginning! Membership with Nicole Sleeth Atelier includes the growing library of instructional videos as they’re created and saved.

Subscribe monthly or yearly to the Atelier to gain access to all courses immediately, as well as newly added courses and exclusive members-only content. You can also purchase an individual lesson or course, which you can then view as many times as you’d like.