Art Classes

Learn to draw, shade, and paint in art classes and workshops that allow you to learn at your own pace. At her studio in Victoria, BC, Canada, Nicole offers weekly group classes, intensive workshops, and private lessons, all with a relaxed yet focused approach to ensure you have the best learning experience possible.  Read student testimonials, view student work, and get in touch to register or ask questions.

workshop group photo

Weekend oil painting workshop group

Weekly Group Classes

Beginners are welcome in the ongoing weekly classes, as are more advanced artists.  Start anytime – classes are ongoing and booked month-to-month, with a 4-month discounted prebooking option.  Each student is taught individually, and all students are at different levels, working on their own unique projects.  You will be guided through Nicole’s drawing course, followed by the charcoal shading course.  After those two prerequisites are completed, you can choose the direction you wish to pursue – oil paint, portraiture, anatomy, pen and ink, advanced drawing and composition, or conte.  Students with previous experience may not need to complete the drawing and shading courses if they can demonstrate suitable ability.   For more information, please click here.


For an immersive experience, sign up for one of Nicole’s workshops.  Learn oil painting “street smarts” – practical, expressive methods of painting that pave the way for satisfactory results and an enjoyable experience.  With a combination of instructor demos, lecture-style explanations of concepts, written notes and plenty of hands-on painting time in a beautiful studio setting in the heart of historic Chinatown, workshops are a unique opportunity to fast-track your artistic journey.  Typically there are 8 students maximum, allowing for one-on-one feedback and guidance.  They fill up quickly – sign up for Nicole’s mailing list to hear about upcoming workshops.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are best suited for those who have a variable schedule, very specific goals, or simply prefer one-on-one instruction.  Booked for a half-hour minimum, they can be scheduled sporadically or on a standing date.