Here’s what some of Nicole’s students have to say:

Victoria Mixon, Victoria BC:

“I have been taking Nicole’s class for almost a year, and it is still the best day of my week. Nicole is extremely skilled and knowledgeable, and she approaches each student as an individual with a unique learning path. She teaches every level from absolute beginner, through drawing, charcoal and oil painting, with patience and good humor and a deep understanding of each aspect of the work. Her lifelong commitment to drawing and oil painting is clear every day, and her own amazing paintings are a constant inspiration. And the atelier environment she’s created is an artist’s dream: a quiet historic studio, everyone busy and content for three inspiring hours, with the tea kettle on and quiet music in the background above the sounds of bustling Chinatown in the street below. I would not give this up for anything.”

Vicki, Victoria BC:

“…you have helped me to see the world around me in a different way, to find that place deep inside where there is joy in drawing. Your supportive and comfortable step by step instruction allows me to learn has helped me to progress at my own pace. I look forward to the time spent in your studio. I am so lucky to have found you.”

Jayn Tyson, Victoria BC:

“Thank you for your patience and awesome guidance that is delivered with so much understanding.  You are very skilled at giving feedback in a sensitive non-threatening manner.   It can be intimidating to learn new skills but I find that you are able to “hold” the space in such a way that it is not frightening and brings out the best in each person. Not only a very talented artist but an equally competent teacher. It is a joy to be in your class.”

Glenda, Victoria BC:

“I came to my first class with Nicole as a complete beginner, a little intimidated by some of the advanced level students in the class. But Nicole has a gift for providing each student, beginner and accomplished, with precise individual instruction in a clear, positive and patient manner. As well as excellent instruction, Nicole has given me confidence and I am excited by some of the work I’ve been able to do! The 3 hours fly by all too quickly.”

Shari, Victoria BC:

“I started taking classes with Nicole shortly after she opened her doors in Victoria. I was looking for atelier style classes, learning from from the ground up was important to me. At that time, I had one 6 week drawing class under my belt. As my teacher, I find Nicole to be knowledgeable, approachable, earnest, supportive, and accommodating. Don’t get me wrong, if she thinks a student is capable of better work, she will encourage them for strive for it. But Nicole will ask nicely! Everyone works at their own pace and there is no competition. Without Nicole’s knowledge, positive approach and flexibility with scheduling, I wouldn’t be where I am. I can now make art that is worthy of framing and being placed on a wall!”

John, Victoria BC:

” It has been my pleasure to be in Nicole’s class this past 18 months. Her quiet supportive approach has helped to build my confidence in the use of pencil and charcoal. The atmosphere in her class is relaxed and respectful. I look forward to continuing in her class in order to further my growth in various mediums. I cannot recommend her too highly!”

Nerina, Victoria BC:

“Nicole is an innovative artist, business woman and educator, with a strong natural ability for teaching, and bringing out the best in her students. In a very caring and supportive class environment students are guided, and encouraged to see and draw in the atelier method. Nicole’s ability to impart the range of skills required in art, from understanding lines, shapes, tones, negative space, measurements, and composition to more advanced techniques of working in charcoal and oils is outstanding.”

Laura Dolan, Victoria BC:

“Nicole has been instrumental in helping me become a better artist. Her personal attention to each students needs is one of many qualities that makes her a great instructor. Her generosity of providing equipment and a welcoming place to help her students in their process speaks volumes about her. Nicole’s wealth of knowledge and her dedication to her own work is definitely inspirational. The time she has taken to make sure I understand what she has taught, has impressed me. Nicole’s dedication to her students to become the best they came be is something to be admired. I have been studying under Nicole for about two years and plan to continue.”

Danielle, Victoria BC:

“I have been taking lessons from Nicole for the past 5 months and I can’t believe what I can now do! One of the things that I like about the classes that Nicole teaches is that I can work at my own pace; I took a class a few years ago and found that everyone moved onto the next topic regardless if you were ready to move on or not. Nicole will often ask if I want to keep working on a project or move onto something else which gives me the opportunity to take a drawing a bit further and become more satisfied with what I have drawn. I never feel rushed or behind everyone else because everyone is working on something different.

Nicole is very patient and works through every frustration that I might have with me, always asking me what I think isn’t working or what I think needs to change – it is about me as an artist, with her supporting me – I love this! I am amazed at what I can now do and how I can draw things that actually look like what I intended it to be!

The best thing that Nicole taught me that has made me feel more confident about my abilities is she will often say to me “if you have drawn it once you can draw it again, it wasn’t an accident, you know how to draw this.” And yes, I really can!

Nicole is an amazing artist and teacher and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who is just
a beginning drawer like me or to someone with more advanced abilities.”

Leslie, Vancouver BC:

“I’ve always loved to draw but in recent years have been frustrated when my desire to sketch and my ability to do so were not compatible! Nicole took me back to basics – shapes and lines – and I’m not sure I’d ever really been taught basics before! From there we developed my ‘tool box’ of skills and strategies, from pencil to the wonderful world of charcoal (which I learned can be as malleable as paint!) Nicole taught me to ‘see’ differently – easy to do when you’re drawing upside down! Nicole has transformed my ability to draw and I learned more and progressed more with her than I have in any other art lesson. She is articulate, always encouraging, and so talented. I feel very fortunate to have found a teacher who was able to restore my confidence!”

Paulette, Vancouver BC:

“Learning to draw with Nicole has been an exciting journey. I marvel at how she guided me in 20 months from not having a clue how to start a basic drawing to a place where I have enough confidence to draw on my own for myself. I know how to use the skills I have and I know there is always something more to learn. She has given me a deep and solid foundation in classical realism to build on.

“I have learned from Nicole that drawing classical realism takes time; that the first line on the page is never visible when the drawing is finished. I have learned the process of drawing, the significance of layers, and the importance of identifying negative space. How and when to measure. I have learned about pace, about slowly, line by line, bringing the drawing to the place I want it to be. I have learned about going beneath the first impression, about getting inside the drawing, to behold the nuances of the lines and values which comes only after I have spent time with a drawing.”

Sherry, Vancouver BC:

“I have personally really benefited from your coaching allowing me to trace my own path – which was questionable to even me! I have found through your kind and supportive guidance I am beginning to see my art more of an extension of myself, rather than simply a set of techniques and skills. Not to suggest, not for a minute, that I cannot see what your tutelage on techniques and skills has added to my very basic repertoire. What is different is that I am respecting the techniques while seeing “beyond” these alone, sensing more of the art in Art.”

Ken, Vancouver BC:

“After 45 years of teaching I’m a good judge of teachers. You’re the best art/photography teacher I’ve encountered. I feel very fortunate to be in your class.

“I have learned that the the best fit is found by considering both what the teacher knows to work for most students, and what the learner knows to work for him/her in particular. Teachers who can accommodate and negotiate this complex mix are the best. You’re the best.”

Lindsay, Vancouver BC:

“I recommend Nicole’s classes for all artistic levels! The classes are organized so that you can work at your own level and pace with great instructive support. The atmosphere of the classes are also very relaxed and friendly!”

Ilana, Vancouver BC:

“Nicole is an excellent teacher. Her class is educational, inspiring, and above all, great fun. I started her class with some previous experience, but starting with the basics was enormously useful to ensure that I had all the techniques that make up the ABC’s of drawing. Each class builds on techniques from previous classes, and they move forward at a pace that is comfortable yet still challenging. Nicole is patient and very encouraging. My improvement in a few short weeks has been noticeable, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Guenièvre, Vancouver BC:

“I have now taken the class for 3 months and I am very surprised with my progress. I started from scratch and I am now able to draw on my own. The road seemed difficult as I was looking at my first sketches, but Nicole has a way to take you through fundamental skills learning that makes it flowing. She had the patience to adjust to my level, and yet brought me to explore pencil, charcoal and conte drawing beyond the limits I had first imagined.”