January 5 2017: About Face at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

I am thrilled to have my paintings Valerie and Valerie II in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Art Rental and Sales About Face show. The opening is Thursday January 5th 2017 from 6-9pm, and the show runs from January 3 – February 28. The invitation can be viewed here.

About Face will showcase work that exhibits ethnic diversity, comments on societal expectation of female sexuality, and challenges traditional depictions of human form, gaze, and gesture.

In the AGGV‘s newly-launched emagazine, AR&S consultant Claire Aitken says of the show, “Instead of focusing on traditional portraiture, I wanted to represent artists who have a broader view of the human form. The show will feature local artists who challenge traditional depictions of gaze and gesture.”

The magazine profiles the work of a few artists in the show, myself included. “The themes explored in About Face are strongly represented in the works of Nicole Sleeth, whose nude portraits gaze directly at the viewer, challenging the possession of their bodies. Sleeth celebrates the body in ways that social media and advertising fail to do – she allows it to speak for itself and interact on her canvas. For Sleeth, skin wrinkles and stretches to cover the very real musculature and skeletons of the people she paints. Her models look the opposite of airbrushed – intensely alive and real.”