Visage at Rockslide Gallery, Victoria BC

I'm pleased to announce that "Centre" (oil on linen, 198.1 X 114.3 cm / 78 X 45 in.) will be showing in "Visage", a portrait-themed exhibition at Rockslide Gallery in Victoria, BC. 

The opening coincides with their open house on September 24 from 2:00-8:00.  It'll be a great event - don't miss it!

The exhibit runs until November 2022.

The Audacity of Taking Up Space

Exhibition Opening September 23rd at 7pm. Artists and an ASL interpreter will be in attendance.

Artist panel discussion September 24 at 12:00 noon.

Figurative art can be a form of claiming your space, whatever your space may be. Creating a presence - or even an absence of presence. The viewer is forced to acknowledge the presence of the figure, the person.

Historically, artists like Alexandre Cabanel like to paint aesthetically pleasing things, and that is extended to the figures, hence the “the male gaze”. Think of the many historical paintings in which the youthful woman is the focal subject, often for the rich, male patron of the artist.

Contemporary figurative art has broken away from the powerful, the rich, the white man, or the beautiful, flawless maiden as a subject, but incorporating the contemporary world we live in, full of diversity. Black, Indigenous, Asian, queer, body positive and/or disabled figures are spotlighted.

Leading the dialogue with the public on contemporary figurative art is guest curator Laurie M. Landry, and featuring the works by A.J. Brown, Sára Molčan, Annette Nieukerk and Nicole Sleeth.

Sooke Fine Arts Show Award of Excellence

I'm pleased to announce that "Windlass" was awarded an Award of Excellence at the 2022 Sooke Fine Arts Show.